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Are Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett done? Boston writer suggests they are

Maddie Meyer

Gary Washburn, the veteran Celtics beat writer, reports Sunday that Nets sources tell him Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett look done, Pierce having lost his passion, KG his shot and defensive skills. But KG remains optimistic they can turn it around.

Washburn writes...

"Those close to the Nets intimate that Pierce has lost his passion, still stunned from his departure from Boston and the only team he ever knew, while Garnett is no better than a backup at this stage of his career. Pierce won’t face the Celtics Tuesday night because of a fractured right hand and Terry remains out following offseason knee surgery, leaving Garnett on an island to determine the cause and the solution for the disastrous start.

Washburn's comments are the most damning of any writer, in Boston or New York, on the two players' decline. It doesn't end there. He notes that Andrea Bargnani "vastly outplayed" KG in Thursday's debacle and that he has not been able to back up his words with actions.

Of Pierce's season, he notes,

Pierce is shooting a career-worst 36.8 percent from the field in 15 games and has converted just 26.8 percent of his 3-pointers. Observers say Pierce is engaged at times and doesn’t seem interested at others.

Washburn quotes KG and Jason Terry about remaining optimistic, but his bottom line about the Nets is that they are a bad team, "not even approaching average."