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Is Jason Kidd in trouble? Nope

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets didn't hire Jason Kidd for the first 20 games of the season. They hired him for four years, believing he will be the team's long-term solution, the franchise player and Hall of Famer turned franchise symbol. Ownership pushed hard for him and agree to pay him $10 million over four years, the last year a team option.

They may be disappointed in the team's performance but as one team official said last week, "We all support him. We're all rooting for him."

Mitch Lawrence of the Daily News writes Sunday that Kidd really isn't in trouble ... and like so many others offered an "I told so you," saying the Nets should have hired Lionel Hollins, dumped by the Grizzlies and still without work.

"Kidd isn’t in as much trouble as you’d think. The Nets don’t believe they’ll get an accurate picture of what he can do as a coach until they’ve got their full complement of players. That means the clock isn’t ticking on him until after Deron Williams comes back and starts playing regularly... I told you so: I told the Nets back in May before they hired Kidd that they should bring in Lionel Hollins to replace P.J. Carlesimo. Even with their injuries and obvious roster deficiencies — have you ever seen a slower, older team that doesn’t play hard? — they may have three or four more wins now with Hollins."

At least one NBA writer thinks the Nets should dump him now.  Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer says it's better to end a failed experiment early. But all the punditry about Kidd's vulnerability should take into account that ownership sided with Kidd in his dispute with Lawrence Frank, signing off on the "reassignment."  That decision no doubt will lead to a hefty buyout they will have to pay.