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Andrei Kirilenko will play 10-12 minutes against the Spurs

Rob Carr

Andrei Kirilenko looks like he will finally make his way back onto the floor tonight against the San Antonio Spurs.

Kidd later said that Kirilenko will be on a minute restriction similar to the one he was on when he first returned from his back ailment.

Kirilenko hasn't played since November 8, when the Nets lost to the Washington Wizards. Kirilenko has been battling back spasms for his entire career, but this has been his worst bout with them ever. Kirilenko's signing was seen as a huge coup for the Nets during the offseason, but he has yet to prove his worth due to his bad back.

Kirilenko, if healthy, should be able to boost the Nets woeful defense that allows 102 points per game.

The only Net out tonight is Tyshawn Taylor, who is suffering from a mild strain of his right hamstring, and of course Brook Lopez, done for the season.