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Mirza Teletovic tells Bosnian paper he's not giving up minutes easily

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Avaz, the leading Bosnian newspaper, Mirza Teletovic talks about how he will not give up his minutes easily, how he can improve in a number of areas, particularly defense and how the Nets have "enough quality but not enough luck."  He also praises Jason Kidd, who he descibes as a "positive person."

And he neatly sidesteps a question about whether he wanted a trade, saying "I am only focused on the Nets."

Here's a translation by NetsDaily poster Nije Bitno in Bosnia...

You're playing your second season in the NBA which started with a small amount of playing time just like last season. Now everything is changing. You even broke your career numbers in points, playing time, number of three pointers.....Are you satisfied with this season and do you expect even more?

It was not that hard to break those records because they were "funny low"(smile). Of course, I will continue to work hard. I am not satisfied with this. I know I can do better, much better but it doesn't  all depend on me. I am optimist I want to believe I can do better.

Shooting is your main "weapon". What other aspects of your game can be improved in NBA?

I can improve in  O and D because I know how much I can do. On D, I can always play better. Things that I would like to improve on is attacking the basket better, to put ball on floor better and to shoot off the dribble ... and to better deal with one-on-one situations.

What is going on with Nets? You are now under .500!

Nobody wants to lose, neither do we. Especially because we have on the team born winners. We are not now on a winning path but that will probably change. We have quality but sometimes we don't have enough luck.

Is this the reality for the Nets? And where are Nets at this moment compared with Miami and Indiana?

Before the season, I told people that Miami and Indiana are the main favorites and they are showing that now. We definitely did believe that we would be much better but problems with injuries, a new coach, new plays .... all that has affected us, put us in this position. I think that we will get in playoff but we must get into a winning streak as soon as possible and get the confidence that is necessary for a team that wants to achieve big things. Fact is that before the season we thought about a championship but now our main goal is to get in the playoffs.

What is true about you asking for a trade? Was there really chance for a trade and did you ask for trade?

In the NBA, there is always a possibility of a trade. It is always possible. You never know what teams can agree to. But I dont think about that. My main goal is to play well for Nets. I am glad that I finally have playing time and I will do my best to keep those minutes. I am only focused on the Nets.

Brook Lopez?

It is sad what happend to him. I go "crazy" even when I think about injuries and this is  Lopez's fourth big injury. I wish him a speedy recovery and quick return to the court. He is an important player for us.

Jason Kidd?

Kidd was top basketball player. He just went from the court to coaching job. He understands the value of great relations between players and coaches. I am very happy because of that. We talk a lot and he is always interested in what is going on with players. He can give helpful advice. He is positive person.