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Has Mirza Teletovic demanded a trade? He knows nothing

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mirza Teletovic's European agent told Bosnian television Monday that he wants to see the Nets trade his client to another NBA team so that he can assume a "leadership position" similar to the one he has with the Bosnia national team. Miodrag Ražnatović told TV1 that he hopes to complete a deal within a month ... but Raznatovic is not Teletovic's NBA agent of record. That's Jeff Schwartz, who did not respond to NetsDaily requests for comment.

At shootaround Tuesday morning, Teletovic told reporters he knows nothing about his agent's comments ... and is happy in Brooklyn.

NetsDaily asked team management for a comment, but the Nets do not normally respond to trade rumors. There is no indication that the Nets are willing to move the 6'9" forward who is enjoying his best stretch in the NBA.

Teletovic has been tweeting out positive messages in recent days. Before taking the floor in Memphis, where for the third straight game, he played a major role, Teletovic tweeted...

Here is the translation of agent Ražnatovic' comments, according to Sarajevo Times, the English language newspaper in the Bosnian capital. Raznatovic admitted things are good, but not good enough.

‘’Now the situation is better. He will get a chance, but, generally, our idea is to try to find happiness somewhere else. We will try in a quiet and civilized way and in consultation with the club and to come to a trade in the next month or two where he will get more playing time’’, said the Belgrade-based agent.

‘’I am absolutely certain that he can be one of the top NBA players because he has a shot that other top players do not have. It is up to us to be able to find the right place, where he will have a leadership position as he had in the national team and in Kaha Laboral’’, Ražnatović added on TV1.

What prompted Raznatovic's comments is uncertain, considering the events of the last week. Teletovic has for the first time in his NBA career begun to establish himself. He started to gain significant time in Minnesota a week ago Friday after he wondered aloud if he had a role on the team. The two games immediately before that game, he had served two DNP-CD's.

Since then, he has been playing almost 20 minutes per game, shooting 49% from the field, 52% from the three-point line, averaging 10 points and 5.2 rebounds. In both the Laker comeback and the Grizzlies win, Teletovic hit clutch shots that were crucial, scoring 14 in the fourth quarter vs. L.A. and hitting five straight when Memphis got within one. Over these past six games, Teletovic has been the Nets best player off the bench, if not for the best overall. (Thanks to BosniNetsFollower for his FanPost on this.)