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Aldridge: Nets have 'no interest' in Andrew Bynum

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have announced that they have suspended Andrew Bynum "indefinitely" for being a "negative influence" on the team. Now, the Cavs are reportedly looking to move Bynum and his 2-year, non-guaranteed $24.5 million contract or possibly cut him by January 7, which is when the contract becomes guaranteed for this year.

It's a bit complicated, for sure, but now the rumors are starting to fly about where Bynum might end up. Some are suggesting that the Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat are the leading candidates for Bynum's services, while others have mused that the Brooklyn Nets, who will be without their All-Star center for the remainder of this season, might be an ideal landing spot for him.

So, yes, a talented 7-footer could make sense for the Nets, but, are they interested in him at all? No. At least not according to David Aldridge.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Bynum has no real interest or desire to play basketball.

Again, a talented 7-footer would do this Nets team some good, obviously, but not necessarily one who doesn't like playing basketball or who has ben known to be a "locker room cancer."