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Assistant coaches Sann and Klask switch roles

Maddie Meyer

Tim Bontemps reports that in the wake of Lawrence Frank's "re-assignment," Jason Kidd had two benchmates switch roles.

Kidd also confirmed to The Post he has had assistant coach Charles Klask — an assistant under Frank the last two seasons in Detroit — swap roles with advance scout Jim Sann, who was an assistant with the Nets under Frank during Kidd’s playing days with the franchise

Klask has handled in-game analytics among other things for the Nets. Sann returned to the Nets this season after working the last year as an assistant coach at Pace University. He lett the Nets in June 2010 after five years as a coaching associate and assistant coach.  Prior to that he had worked in the Rockets, Raptors and Knicks organizations. While with the Nets, he was seen as close to Kidd and later, Devin Harris.

Later, Bontemps clarified the switch.