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Deadlines and Commitments - XXXIX

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets less-than-magical mystery tour continues as one year turns into another next week There a number of deadlines coming up which could impact the Nets, even before the trade deadline in seven weeks. For example, if the Nets made a lop-sided trade in the next two weeks, opening up a roster spot, Billy King et al can start experimenting on January 6, when 10-day contracts can be signed.

And the Nets have three weeks to file for an Disabled Player Exception. Also, in three weeks, they will be in Merry Old England for the NBA Global Games. Expect a planeload or more of Russians to make the trip from Moscow to London.

January 6 - 10-day Contracts can now be signed.

January 10 - All contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season. All Nets current contracts are guaranteed.

January 12 - Nets leave for NBA Global Games in London. Around the same time, the owner's Gulfstream V should be filing a flight plan.

January 15 - Deadline for Nets to apply for Disabled Player Exception of $5.15 million for Brook Lopz. DPE is similar to TE but is more restricted. It can only be used on one player and the player must either be signed for the rest of this season or traded for a player who will be an expiring contract.

January 16 - NBA Global Games London 2014 - Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets at The 02. NBA TV will televise in the US and internationally.

January 20 - Knicks and Nets continue New York cross-town rivalry on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. ESPN will televise.

January 26 - Nets and Celtics play in Boston, the emotional return of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the city where they won a championship. ESPN will televise.

February 6 - 10th anniversary of NetsDaily, Nets at home vs. the Spurs. (We'll figure something out.)

February 14-16 - 2014 NBA All-Star Game, New Orleans, LA

February 20 - 2014 NBA Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET)

March 15 - If DPE not used in trade before deadline, it can be used on a free agent up until close of business on this date.

April 19 - NBA Playoffs begin

May 20 - NBA draft lottery. (oh the pain)

June 5 - NBA Finals begin

June 26 - NBA draft. The Nets currently have no picks in either the first or second round.