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Fines mounting for Nets as Pierce gets $15,000 for flagrant

The Nets have had a lot of injuries and a lot of losses so far this year. They've also had a lot of fines.

With Paul Pierce's $15,000 fine for clotheslining George Hill Monday night, the Nets have been hit with a total of $80,000 -- and there's still two-thirds of the season left!

Here's the tally from Patricia Bender's running list...

--November 2: Andray Blatche hit with a $15,000 levy for an obscene gesture during the Nets - Heat game.

--November 29: Jason Kidd penalized $50,000 for "CupGate," in which he deliberately spilled some Diet Coke on the court to gain an extra timeout.

--December 24: Pierce gets hit with $15,000 fine for his flagrant 2 against Hill.

Last season, the Nets lost $45,000 to David Stern: two fines against Gerald Wallace, one for $35,000 for fighting during the Rajon Rondo - Kris Humphries brouhaha (now they're all teammates) and one for $5,000 for flopping; and one for $5,000 against Reggie Evans for flopping.

Kidd's fine was the biggest since April 2011 when Jay-Z mingled with the University of Kentucky Wildcats at Prudential Center. That cost the Nets $50,000. He was charged with violating the NBA rule against contact between teams and underclassmen.