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All I want for Christmas ... Nets fan edition

Just before the Pacers game, Dex Henry and David Menze of NetsDaily Video took their camera to the far nooks and crannies of Barclays Center to ask Nets fans what they want for Christmas.

The answers ranged from making a trade to rescue the second half of the season to a "ring," "wins," an "undefeated record all the way through," "Brook Lopez to get better" and our favorite, "a parade down Flatbush."

David Leveille echoed a lot of fans' wishes when he told Dex and David, "I need this Nets thing to come together. I need it to look as good as it does on paper before the season started on the court. I need Brooklyn to standup. I NEED A PARADE down Flatbush during the summertime because we won a championship. That's what I need. Lets' get it done!"