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Shaun Livingston provides comfort and joy to Illinois family

On November 17, a tornado ripped through Central Illinois leaving 29 dead and a trail of destruction that leveled hundreds of homes. For Shaun Livingston, the story was about home. Most of the destruction was in Washington, IL, across the river from Peoria, where he grew up.

So, last weekend, with the Nets off, Livingston flew home and on behalf of his foundation provided some Christmas comfort and joy to a Washington family.

"They were living in a small duplex," Livingston told Mike Mazzeo. "In 10-15 seconds, their place was gone."

Tammy Ammerman didn't have a basement, so she and daughter Haven were forced to hide under a little table. Her two sons weren't at home, but safe. Then, after the tornado passed, the family saw the horror of what just happened.

"And they just looked up and pretty much the roof was gone, everything was gone, it was just dark out," Livingston said.

Livingston arranged to meet the family and brought with him the essentials: gift cards for Christmas, grocery cards, Nike shoes for the kids and some Nets gear -- including some autographed pictures, writes Mazzeo.

"The outpouring of love from people we know, people we don't know and people who come up to me and give me things after we've had this experience. So it just means the world that so many people love and care for us and other people in this situation," Tammy Ammerman told the local TV affiliate.