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Power Rankings: More of the same - It's BAD

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Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Okay, so we had some Christmas shopping to do in Manhattan and we didn't to the Power Rankings until this morning. Big deal.  Whatever rank the pundits ascribed to the Nets on Monday (or Friday in a couple of cases) was too high.  After Monday night, drop everyone's by one.

That said, there was little change from last week, with most taking note of the team's dreary, post-Brook Lopez future.

Back to shopping. Merry Christmas, pundits.

John Schuhmann, (23)

What's worse than losing to the Sixers? Losing to the Sixers and losing Brook Lopez for the season in the process. The Nets have depth up front, are getting healthier, and rank third offensively since Deron Williams' return. But their defense has been awful (allowing 109.1 points per 100 possessions) with Lopez off the floor and he was their biggest matchup advantage on most nights.

Marc Stein, ESPN (27)

Comparisons to Bill Walton and Yao Ming are unavoidable now for Brook Lopez after re-breaking his right foot in December yet again. The Nets can (and should) make the playoffs without him, but that wasn't quite the goal when Mikhail Prokhorov committed $190 million on this group.

Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports (25)

Brooklyn is slated to pay injury-plagued center Brook Lopez, out for the season with a foot injury, $47 million through the 2015-16 season.

Jason Patt, SB Nation (26)

A bad season got way worse when it was revealed last week that stud center Brook Lopez was out for the season due to yet another foot injury. Lopez has had a history of bad feet, and one has to wonder whether his career will be shortened because of it. Real shame, because the big man was in the midst of a superb individual season and the Nets are absolutely sunk without him.

Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated (28)

The spring from Tuck Everlasting. I have no idea how they're going to get it to Brooklyn, but I'm sure Mikhail Prokhorov will spare no expense, as he did with Nets, who are eight games under .500 and just lost Brook Lopez for the season. It could be the only thing that could save the ailing Nets' season.

Sam Amick & Adi Joseph, USA Today (24)

Lopez's broken foot would hurt less if Kevin Garnett were shooting better than 40% from the field.

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports (23)

The loss of Brook Lopez for the season is devastating. We’d say tank but they traded the pick to Boston (and the Hawks get to swap picks anyway) so they have no choice but to soldier on looking for wins. Look for some desperation trades to come soon.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports (28)

If you believe in karma, you gotta ask: What in the world did the Nets do in a previous life?

Jimmy Spencer, FOX Sports (21)

You know when you haven't worked out in like five months, and then you hit the gym three days in a row and feel great? Of course in reality, you're now just slightly less out-of-shape. Well, that's the Nets right now.

Brian Kamenetzky, Sheridan Hoops (28)

Losing Lopez basically cooks any shot they have, even in the Atlantic. But it’s not like they’re in win-now mode, right? Maybe they make a run at Asik?

Mitch Lawrence, New York Daily News (21)

Jason Kidd’s team will have two days off to prepare for their next big measuring-stick game, against Indiana in Barclays Center on Monday night.