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The Newark 76ers? Mitch Lawrence says could happen, but...

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Chris Chambers

Could the 76ers be moving to Newark. In his Sunday column, Mitch Lawrence writes...

"The story never goes away and won’t go away, as long as Josh Harris owns the Sixers, Devils and Newark’s Prudential Center.

"The story is that Harris wants to one day move the Sixers to Newark, putting his two franchises in one city, under one roof. As recently as October, Harris has denied looking to move the Sixers up I-95, telling the Philly media, "My answer to the fans is I love the Sixers in Philly. I’m committed to it." Despite Harris’ statement, the talk of a future Newark move remains alive, even in the Sixers’ executive suites..."

Then, on Tuesday morning, Prudential Center tweeted this out...

It has to be considered unlikely, however. The Knicks would fight long and hard to stop the addition of a third team in the New York area. The Nets agreed not to fight a new team in Newark as part of their lease buyout at IZOD Center, but they would not be required to support it. Moreover, despite the Sixers low attendance the last few years, the NBA is not likely to want to leave the nation's fourth largest market. The Sixers would also be hard-pressed to get a big local TV rights package with the Knicks on MSG and the Nets on YES.