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Billy King makes it official: Brook Lopez OUT for the year

Maddie Meyer

It only seemed like a matter of time, but now it has become official. Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King announced today that the team's All-Star center Brook Lopez will miss the entire season due to his broken right foot.

Also from King:

What's next?

So, there it is. Again, it was expected, but now it's official. King spoke as well about potential roster moves, saying that if the Nets saw an opportunity that would increase their luxury tax bill, they'd move on it. But he's not looking to make a big move.

The Nets must apply for the DPE by January 15, then the league will examine Lopez and review medical records  If it's determined the Nets qualify, the NBA will grant them a DPE equal to an MLE ($5.15 million) which can be used before the deadline to trade for a player with an expiring contract or before March 15 or sign a free agent to a contract no longer than one year. The DPE can be used on one player and cannot be combined with a player in a trade. The Nets cannot add a 16th player but would have to make a roster move.

So, the Nets are unlikely to use the DPE because of the enormous cost in terms of luxury taxes and are likely to wait and see how the remaining 14 players -- and Jason Kidd-- rise to the occasion.

Does Billy King --or ownership-- regret their all-in strategy?

“Not at this point,” King said. “We’re not there.”