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'Mr. Whammy' is a finalist for ESPN's "Fan Hall of Fame"

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

If you've ever been to a Brooklyn Nets home game (or New Jersey Nets, for that matter) you certainly know who Bruce Reznick, aka Mr. Whammy, is. He sits behind the visitor's basket, homemade signs in hand, and is often referred to as the Nets' "sixth man," as he chants, finger points and does whatever he can to distract the away team when they are at the free-throw line.

Well, here's your chance to represent Brooklyn, as ESPN has released the finalists for their second-annual "Fan Hall of Fame" contest, and Mr. Whammy is one of 10 finalists to make the list.

Here's Mr. Whammy on why you should vote for him:

I am simply a basketball fan who New Jersey and Brooklyn Nets fans have brought to celebrity status.

For over 16 years, I have blocked more foul shots than anyone in the history of the game. Using my secret whammy technique, I hex even Hall of Fame players to miss free throws.

When others play the Nets, I make sure free throws aren't easy buckets. I am the Sixth Man! I deserve a seat in the Fan Hall of Fame!

You can vote for Mr. Whammy here.