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Players support Jason Kidd, think he's doing a great job

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Stefan Bondy talked to a number of Nets veterans Tuesday about the progress their coach is making and the three he quotes -- Jason Terry, Joe Johnson and Deron Williams -- all credit Jason Kidd with getting better as the season wears on (and for the first time the team is winning on a regular basis.)

"I’ve seen a huge progression," said Terry, a teammate on the 2011 NBA champion Mavericks. "Obviously in training camp we had huge expectations, but got off to a rough start. I’ve seen a guy that his demeanor has carried over to his playing days to now as a coach. Easily as a coach, you can have some adversity and start to doubt yourself, doubt your system. But he’s stuck with it. That’s why we turned things around."

"He’s basically learned on the fly," Johnson said. "So I think as each game goes, he gets better or he tweaks it a little more or he gets more vocal or whatever the case may be, he’s definitely gotten a lot better."

"He’s always been comfortable, we were just hurt," said Williams, a Kidd teammate on the 2008 gold medal winning Olympic team. "We were hurt and we were losing, so he’s gonna take a lot of the blame for that. But he’s been great all year and he’s going to continue to be great."

D-Will also offered a contrast between Kidd and the now demoted Lawrence Frank.

"I mean, Lawrence was always kind of the defensive guy, so he was talking on defense and he was definitely long-winded when it came to teaching, so I definitely think it’s helped (that Frank is no longer around)," Williams said. "We’re a veteran group, so we get things pretty easily. So at times when you’re just talking and you’re not practicing, it gets a little lengthy. But I think J-Kidd does a good job of getting his points across quick and easy and then we move on."