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Sir Paul McCartney cheers on Nets in Brooklyn, but is so sad he doesn't get t-shirt

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You know you've arrived when royalty comes to your door ... After a long and winding road (yeah, yeah, yeah)

He loves you (yeah, yeah, yeah) and with love like that, you know it can't be bad.

Okay, we're stopping now (yeah, yeah, yeah). After all, it was yesterday when the 76ers were such an easy game to play. (Now they need a place to hide away!)

No really, he was sad, so sad. Sometimes he feels so sad when he remembers how he couldn't reach far enough for that T-shirt.

It was a big thrill for all of us, but particularly for one Russian executive who just flew in from Miami Beach to watch the game before going back, back in the US... back in the US... back in the USSR (you don't know how lucky you are boy!).

Okay, to all the Beatles and Wings fans, we say, we're so sorry (Uncle Albert). You see, all our lives, we were only waiting for this moment to arise.