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Brook Lopez ... Three point assassin?


The Nets set a franchise record for three pointers Monday, with Shaun Livingston of all people hitting Mo. 21. He hadn't made one in  almost two years!

Now, we read the Nets may add to their three point arsenal by having Brook Lopez, all 7'1" and 290 pounds of him, start firing away. There's little doubt he can. We remember a couple of years ago at a Ramapo College opens active where he thrilled fans by shooting jumpers from half-court -- and making a few. In his NBA career, he's hit one, on a broken play during last year's playoffs.

The news came in the form of a long analytic piece in Grantland by Zach Lowe. He spoke to Billy King about purists' aversion to the three ... And how that's changing, Zach Lowe writes...

More on Brook Lopez

Larry Brown, one of the game’s great teachers, was long an opponent of the 3, says Billy King, the current GM of the Nets who held the same position in Philly when Brown was the coach there. "In the 1990s, everyone was concerned that we didn’t have enough scoring," King says. "But now, I guess, some people are asking: ‘Is the 3 bad for basketball?’"

King does not agree with that sentiment on the NBA level, and says we might see Brook Lopez start taking 3s at some point. Lopez regularly drills corner 3s during pregame warm-ups. But King would support a full ban on 3-pointers at the high school level, he says. "It would force young players to just play basketball and not worry about the 3-point line," King says. "They would have to develop their midrange games."

Is King just playing mind games with opposing coaches? After all, Nets players are talking about how in recent weeks, Jason Kidd has simplified the offense and three point shooters generally are used to open up the paint for 7'1", 290-pound bigs.