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NBA Trade Season: What might the Brooklyn Nets do?

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The SB Nation family of NBA blogs is putting together another theme day, this time built around the Trade season. We were asked specific questions about our team, and here are the answers we've come up with pertaining to the Brooklyn Nets.

Are the Brooklyn Nets a buyer or seller?

The Nets are definitely more a "buyer" than they are a seller. And that's to say, at this point, they are not a seller. They're a team built to win now, and that's what they're going to aim to do this season. Whether or not they "buy," that's another question, but they're in the market to improve the team where they can, so that would make them buyers.

If buyer, what are the needs?

Healthy bodies are certainly a need. Brooklyn has played most of the season down anywhere from 3-4 key players. Whether it's a combination of Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce or Andrei Kirilenko, or resting Kevin Garnett to keep him fresh, the Nets haven't been able to put their full team out there for more than four games this season.

I suppose they could possibly use an athlete, maybe a defensive-minded wing, or another big. Both roles could be filled by Kirilenko if/when he's healthy, but then again, at this point there's plenty of question marks on that front. So, specific needs: healthy body, a big man or an athletic wing.

...what specific players should your team target?

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Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Paul George, etc. This is a tough question, because there are players I think the Nets should target and then there are players who I think they can target.

They have been players in the Kyle Lowry "sweepstakes," and it could make sense for them to check in on Omer Asik. With Lopez hurting right now (and having some issues early on this season with his ankles), Kevin Garnett not likely going to play the next 58 regular season games and Reggie Evans completely out of the rotation, getting a rebounding big wouldn't hurt. I'm not advocating giving up picks and Bojan Bogdanovic for him, but I think if they can find the right price, getting someone like Asik wouldn't hurt. I have another, too. (See below!)

The problem with the Nets right now is what they have to offer. Or, what they can't offer. They can only offer up a 2020 first-round draft pick right now, and as we know picks are at a premium in the NBA. That knocks them out of a few negotiations. which position do the Nets have a surplus?

Not sure there's a surplus at any one position on the Nets, but that's because of the injuries. Hard to say they have enough scoring wings when you don't know from one game to the next who is healthy. Sure, with Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, Alan Anderson and Andrei Kirilenko all healthy you can make the case that maybe moving Terry, Mirza Teletovic and Tyshawn Taylor for an aging big who can help win now could work. Possibly?

...what players are available?

You have to imagine the Nets would be willing to talk about anyone on the team not named Deron Williams or Brook Lopez, if it helped in winning a title this year.

What are your specific trade ideas?

This should be fun...

Nets get: Zach Randolph and Mike Miller.

Grizzlies get: Paul Pierce, Tyshawn Taylor and Reggie Evans.

Hear me out. In this deal, the Nets get back Randolph, who is still an 18 and 10 guy. He can start at power forward, which allows Garnett to come off the bench as the backup center for 18-20 minutes per game. You'll have a frontline core of Lopez, Randolph, Garnett and Blatche. With Mike Miller, you get another stretch shooter who helps spread the offense. The second unit could be Shaun Livingston, Miller, Kirilenko, Blatche and Garnett. Not bad at all.

Why would the Grizzlies do this, you ask? Well, Pierce has an expiring deal, whereas Randolph has a player option for $16.5 million next season that he'll likely pick up. The Pierce part of the deal makes the salaries work, rids the Grizzlies of Randolph's contract for next season (which is something they're certainly looking at), and gives them a young, athletic backup point guard and a power '4' in Evans.

Who says no?!

Give us some trade ideas below. Would love to hear what you guys think.