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Petra Pope and the choreography of a game ... It's not just the dancers!

Brooklyn Nets

In a remarkably detailed interview with Vibe Vixon, the Nets vice president for event marketing and community relations, takes the reader on a behind-the-scenes look at how the Nets "choreograph" a game, from teaching the kids who escort players on court where to look to how the arena cameras look for diversity in the crowd to how the Brooklynettes watch the scoreboard late to see if they'll need to prepare another routine before overtime begins.

Petra Pope has been with the Nets since 2005. She was the manager of the Los Angeles Lakers Girls from 1983-1989, then launched the Knicks City Dancers in 1991 -- "There was a different owner and it was a different experience." She spent 14 years with the Knicks prior to joining the Nets.

Here's some excerpts...

On the basketball buddies, the kids who escort the players on court:

"The kids are pre-trained so they’re told in advance once they join the team that if for some reason you’re out there and the music doesn’t start look up at the coach. He’ll give them a signal that means something happened upstairs and no music’s about to start."

On what the game director and camera crews are looking for from fans:

"The camera goes to them, they’re dancing, they’re into it. Again, we have a really diverse crowd so I think that’s the biggest challenge to make sure that we’re hitting every pocket and everyone’s happy while still maintaining the integrity of Brooklyn."

On how the Brooklynettes make certain they're ready for the break between regulation and overtime:

"The dancers know to watch the clock and if the score is near or close then they’ll take it to the back and they’ll run through a quick routine. They’ll alert the game director via the head set ‘next up’. We never say ‘overtime’ cause that would jinx the game!"

On the extent of her responsibilities:

"It’s the entire show. From the music, videos, LED, we work with the building to make sure everything comes out as planned. We promote the next game and our sponsors. It’s all well-documented so no one has an excuse to say they didn’t know."

Pope, who speaks fluent German and has a black belt in karate, also talks about her time with the Lakers and her favorite player.