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In Turkish TV interview, Bojan Bogdanovic non-committal about future

Bojan Bogdanovic set the tone early in an interview with Fenerbahce TV when asked about his future. "Now, i just concentrate on my team," he said in English.  When asked about his plans beyond this season, the Nets pick was careful not to upset anyone in either Istanbul or Brooklyn.  He did say, perhaps understandably considering the setting, that he would give Fener an opportunity to sign him for next season while not dismissing the chances he will sign with Brooklyn.

Midway through the 26-minute interview, Bogdanovic was asked specifically about his status with the Nets. He recounted last summer's flirtation, but didn't mention that Fener had forced his hand by declining tot reduce his NBA buyout.

"I was drafted three years ago, before I signed a contract with Fenerbache. I was drafted by the Brooklyn Nets, but at that time, (Neven Spahija, his Croatian national team coach then Fener's coach) called me to stay in Europe for a couple of years or more.

"And this summer, we talk again with the Brooklyn Nets but at that time (current Fener coach Zeljko) Obradovic signed here and I saw many, many [messages of ]support from fans and they sent me a lot of messages and that was along with Obradovic the reason I stay with Fenerbahe.

"This is my last year in Fenerbahce last year of the contradt, but in the summer for sure, I will talk to Fenerbahce. My wish is to win some trophies here in Fenerbahce. Especially this year because we have great coach and  too many talents and too many good players and If everything goes good, I don't have a reason, maybe, to change teams because I am feeling I am very happy here in Istanbul."

Not a lot to hang your hat on if you're a Nets executive. Still later, when asked about the Fener fans who want him to stay, Bogdanovic appeared to skirt the question, noting only, "I like how they support us til now. they are one of the biggest sources of our power. if we want to win,   some trophy, we need them I think at the end of the year, theu will be very happy, that we will be celebarting some trophies with them.:

Bogdanovic did pay tribute to Drazen Petrovic, who he said is his idol but noted that "every Croatian basketball player has an idol in Drazen Petrovic." He didn't mention that Petrovic played for the Nets.. He spoke in English and his answers were then translated into Turkish. The interview aired November 29.