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Dr. Bettle puts another TV type through his paces

Dr. Jeremy Bettle has a great job. In addition to being the Nets strength and conditioning coach, he gets to lead the Nets aspiring television types --Alyonka Larionov of BCTV and Sarah Kustok of YES-- through typical player workouts. Twice, he's worked out with Alyonka and this week, it was Sarah's turn. It starts with something called the "Bulgarian squat splits," which sound ominously like one of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation techniques."

The difference between Sarah and Alyonka is this: Alyonka readily admits she is merely the daughter of athlete, Hockey Hall of Famer Igor Larionov. Sarah IS an athlete, having starred on the DePaul women's basketball team, even going to the NCAA's.

Next up? Ian Eagle? Ryan Ruocco?