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Knicks could move to acquire Lowry after a loss Saturday


Frank Isola, who broke the news that the Knicks and Nets have interest in the Raptors Kyle Lowry, is now reporting that if the Knicks lose to the Hawks on Saturday night, James Dolan will likely move to acquire the 6'0" speedster as soon as Sunday, the first day the trade could be completed.

There's ample and increasing evidence that while the Nets retain interest in Lowry, the Knicks appear to have more and the Nets aren't willing to give up either the rights to Bojan Bogdanovic or future first or second rounders, at least according to reports by Howard Beck and Peter Vecsey.

Isola writes that with Raymond Felton out as long as three weeks Dolan may relent and include either Iman Shumpert or a first round pick pick in a package that includes Felton and Metta World Peace. Tim Hardaway Jr.'s name has also been mentioned, but Isola writes the Knicks want to keep Hardaway.

"Ujiri would prefer to receive another first-round pick, but there are reports that the Raptors would be amenable toward acquiring either Iman Shumpert or (Tim) Hardaway Jr. in place of the pick. According to a source, the Knicks would prefer to keep Shumpert out of the deal for the purpose of including him in a future trade and perhaps package him with Amar’e Stoudemire."