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Shaun Livingston's journey retold, this time by NBA TV

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Shaun Livingston tells Rachel Nichols that he still has never watched the injury that almost ended his career --and could have led to his leg being amputated above the knee.  He says that sometimes when he's reading a piece on the internet and the video pops up, he's clicks off the page. It's automatic.

What he won't look at it has been seen by millions of NBA fans and you'd have to think that many if not all of them come away from the experience of watching it with a greater appreciation of what he's been through since then: the year long rehabilitation, the journeyman experience of 10-day contracts, D-League assignments and Christmas season cuts.

Now, Livingston is in Brooklyn and says his knee is nearly 100 percent and his athleticism still returning at age 28. Jason Kidd (and Lawrence Frank) pushed Billy King to sign Livington as Deron Williams back-up. Although he had some setbacks before D-Will's return --and there's been some concern about how much his knee can take-- his signing was one of the smarter ones of the off-season.

He's happy in Brooklyn, becoming a big part of the team's community efforts, and happy that while his return to the NBA is appreciated, it's no longer what defines him.