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Gilbert Arenas reached out to Jason Kidd about joining Nets

Sam Greenwood

Some point this summer, Gilbert Arenas reached out to Jason Kidd asking for a chance to try out for the Nets, but the Nets at that point had filled out their roster.  Arenas, now 31, was interviewed by Bleacher Report. He said he hopes to make a comeback.

"I [also] called Jason Kidd before the season and said 'Listen, I feel that I can be better than some of the players you're going to have,'" Arenas told Dan Favale of BR. "But they were already stacked to the brim. I thought I would've been great coming off the bench for the Brooklyn Nets."

Arenas hasn't played in the NBA since 2012, when he played for the Grizzlies.He had a short stint the year before with the Magic, who used the amnesty provision to dump him. He was still owed $62.4 million.  Arenas was suspended for most of the 2009–10 season because of handgun violations stemming from an episode on December 24, 2009, and for subsequent actions that appeared to make a joke of the episode.

Arenas was a teammate of Andray Blatche and Shaun Livingston with the Wizards in 2009-10.