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Where the Nets stand after the first round of All-Star ballots are released

Al Bello

The first batch of All-Star game results have been released, and they aren't so great for the Nets.

Kevin Garnett received the most votes of any Nets, garnering 102,825 votes, which pits him sixth amongst front court players in the Eastern Conference. The Nets other big man, Brook Lopez, who is second in the NBA in PER, has the 14th most votes among front court players with just 37,153. That vote total is behind Paul Pierce, who comes in at No. 13 with 45,145 votes.

For the guards, Joe Johnson didn't receive enough votes to crack the top ten, but Deron Williams did. Williams is seventh amongst guards in the East with 44,282 votes.

Garnett, who made the All-Star team last season --as did Lopez, is a fan favorite due to his fine play over his lengthy career, but it seems that his best

Voting concludes on January 20 and are announced on January 23, so get your votes in Nets fans!

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