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Two new hotels ... will teams put up players there?

Leeser Architects

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that two big hotel chains --Marriott and Intercontinental-- are planning new hotels within a few blocks of Barclays Center --and of each other.  The two could eventually compete for the business of opposing teams and their stars ... if they can acquire enough stars themselves.

Both hotels will have around 200 rooms.

The Marriott will be built two blocks west of the arena off Flatbush at 95 Rockwell Place.  It's also the glitzier of the two, designed by architect Thomas Leeser.  The other, at 40 Nevins Street, will be on the other side of Flatbush, also two blocks away.  "Fitness"-themed, it will have "In-Room Training Zones" which will have "a mounted fitness wall, yoga mat, roller and exercise balls," ideal for the traveling athlete.

Both should be up and running by the 2015-16 season.  Most NBA teams now stay in Manhattan when visiting Brooklyn, but both chains will be pressing for team business. They may have to wait. NBA clubs usually stay at top of the line hostelries. Ratings could take a while.

Atlantic Yards was originally expected to have a 150-room hotel but there's been little to suggest that's gong to get built any time soon.