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Taylor expects Kidd to play D-Will with him and Livingston

Maddie Meyer

In an interview with RealGM, Tyshawn Taylor says he expects with Deron Williams back, Jason Kidd will team him or Shaun Livingston with the Nets starting point guard.

"With Shaun’s style and his versatility, D-Will’s style and his versatility, two out of three of us are going to play at the same time together as a one and two combo," Taylor said. "We’ll be good."

Taylor, whose play has improved this season, credits two Nets assistant coaches, Eric Hughes and John Welch, with helping him.

"My coaches have been great working with me," Taylor told RealGM. "We have a whole new coaching staff from my rookie year, obviously. Coach [Jason] Kidd has also helped me, just talking to me and pointing things out that I don’t see on the court.

"Getting the experience and getting to play, it’s been helping me out a lot. The season hasn’t gone how we wanted to so far, but we still got time to change it and we’re looking forward to it."