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Marc Stein: Kevin Garnett, Andray Blatche have no-trade clauses

Rob Carr

Marc Stein, in assembling his no-trade team, reports that two Nets have clauses in their contracts that would require Brooklyn to get permission to trade them: Kevin Garnett and Andray Blatche.

The two came upon their no-trade status in different ways:

Garnett is one of four players with "full no-trade clauses written into their contracts," Stein reports. "NBA players can earn only after spending eight seasons in the league -- four with the same team -- and only when the clause is specifically negotiated into a new deal."  The Nets had to get KG to agree to last June's big trade because the deal could be closes.

In addition ot KG, the others with no-trade clauses are Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan. Even though Garnett was traded last June, "KG’s no-trade clause went with him to Brooklyn because his contract specifics didn’t change. Only his address did," Stein explained. Garnett is owed $24.3 million this year and next.

Blatche's no-trade status is more commonplace. He's one of 14 players who "having re-signed on a new one-year deal with their previous employer -- would have to forfeit their free-agent Bird rights if traded elsewhere before the end of the current season." Blatche's contract status is unique in the NBA. He has a vets minimum deal with a second year option and will still be receiving amnesty payments from the Wizards --around $17 million-- through the end of next season.