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Mikhail Prokhorov: Marriage penalty "a joke"

On CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose asked Mikhail Prokhorov about his promise to get married if the Nets don't win a championship by 2015, the Nets owner smiled and said, "it was a joke."

Asked an obvious follow-up, does that meant he was backing down from his five year play, Prokhorov said "no, its just that for the time being, I am not looking for a wife."

Is the wife looking for you? "Maybe,"

Prokhorov spoke mainly about politics but praised his new coach as a "great leader" and said he likes his team. He admitted "I'm all about politics. Of course from time to time, I check what is going on in the economy, what is going on in my group. But my day-to-day routine is politics."

As he always does, Prokhorov was careful not to criticize his rival, Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him the
"strongest politican guy on the planet for the time being;" and "the most popular politician in Russia by far." When asked if the US should trust Putin, Prokhorov avoided the question, saying, "culture unites countries. that's why I'm here. "

As to whether his political quest will succeed, Prokhorov sighend and said,"oh I hope so, but it may take 10 or 15 years.

One place where he disagreed with Putin, but not by name, was the case of Edward Snowden, the NSA spy who is living in Moscow after Putin granted him asylum.

"I think its a great testimony for me that relations between the countries are far from adequate< said Prokhorov. "The majority fo Russians, we think he was really a traitor. because in Russia we have a very special history, Russian history. And we have a very strong belief about loyalty. If you're working for an organization, especially NSA, you don't go out and spill all the secrets."

Would he have granted asylum, "My position? never."