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Andray Blatche, Brook Lopez and the Nets bigs battle for the three-point championship belt

At Nets practice, a friendly three-point shooting competition between the bigs -- Andray Blatche, Brook Lopez and Mason Plumlee -- has turned into a serious trash-talking event. How serious? Well, serious enough to where the winner of the daily shooting competition gets to don the '3 Champ' belt.

In a video produced by, Lopez explained, "[Andray] and I got into a 3-point shooting contest (at practice) one day, so after he won he joked that he had the belt -- making his motions, making me look bad -- so I had to come back the next day and win the belt."

Plumlee adds, "You know big men love to shoot threes...we don't get them up in the game, so we get them up at practice," adding, "[Blatche and Lopez] started a little competition, Dray made a belt out of athletic wrap, so, now it's a big deal."

The rules to the competition are simple: five spots behind the three-point line, spaced out along the arc, and each player gets three shots at each spot. The big who makes the most wins. It's that simple.

Blatche, as of now, is the defending champ, saying that in his latest performance "Brook didn't stand a chance," with Blatche making 12-of-15 threes. Lopez, however, said that Blatche won their latest competition on a "technicality," where Plumlee should have been in the finals against Lopez.

You'll get him next time, Brook?