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Nets going old school ... but they hate those shorts

Funny or Die

Deron Williams gathered some teammates for an autism video recently because he's decided to go old school, starting with short shorts.

Williams, Paul Pierce, Shaun Livingston, and Tyshawn Taylor star in the video, a skit actually, produced by "Funny or Die." Entitled, "The New Brooklyn Nets," the produced package features the four dressed up in shorts ("I'm embarrassed in these shorts," says D-Will); afro wigs (Livingston's looks like the worst, Pierce's the best); trying out black high cuts ("they hurt my feet bad," says Livingston); a promise by Pierce ("We're gonna lose a LOT");and an observation by Taylor ("Man, those shorts look even worse on those white dudes.")

As D-Will says, "Old school values, absolutely garbage game."  We expect this is the first in a series. We hope so anyway.