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Mirza Teletovic says his tweet had nothing to do with the Nets


What little news there was Tuesday was about nagging injuries --Brook Lopez and Andray Blatche will likely play despite minor ankle sprains and Deron Williams is still on a minutes restriction.  But the Nets did make Mirza Teletovic available for interviews and he claimed his Sunday night tweet from Orlando had nothing to do with the Nets.

"Nothing to do with basketball at all or the Nets," Teletovic said. of his tweet, translated as "I hate liars."  "I wrote it in my (Bosnian)language because it was meant for somebody in my language. It has nothing to do with the Nets."

Teletovic didn't say what the tweet was about. It was posted just after he had a frustrating 1-of-6 night, his first minutes of the season.

Said his coach, "You know, I think right now, if I'm correct we’ve only played [three] games and a lot of people haven't played."

D-Will admitted some rust after sitting all but a few minutes in preseason with an ankle injury.

"I just think it’s a matter of getting my legs under me. I haven’t done anything for six months. I’ve been pretty much just limited to jogging. That just happened a couple weeks ago. So I’m just trying to get there and get my confidence back in my legs and then I’ll be ready."