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Magic Johnson: It will take a couple of months for Nets to play at high level

In an interview with Alyonka Larionov in The Vault Friday night, Magic Johnson said it may take some time for the Nets to play at a high level.

"The Nets are building something special in Brooklyn," said Johnson, previewing what he said in a tweet Saturday night. "They will do some damage in the playoffs. You're not going to see the Brooklyn Nets play at the level they're capable of playing until two months into the season because that's when they'll really get to know each other."

As he later tweeted, Johnson said the Nets may have the most talented roster in the NBA and loves what the organization has done in Brooklyn.

"Mr. Ratner, Brett, everyone involved, They've done a wonderful job for Brooklyn," he told Larionov. "Everyone's going to be proud."