Mirza Teletović

In start of interview.

- This season will be better, for sure. Role that coach intended for me , fully suits me, and judging by the pre-season and training I got the impression that Nets need me. When it comes to last season, there's not much to say.

I have not played as much as I expected, which is perhaps understandable from their point of view. Now I expect a lot more from the team, coaches, but most important from myself.

How do you cooperate with new coach Jason Kidd, who is Nets and NBA legend? What are the things on which he insists in Nets tactics?

Kidd is a great man, his philosophy is to never give up. Insists that we play as collective and he ask rapid transfer of the ball. He does not like when we lose the ball and wants to see that we "fight" on court.

We read Kidd statements that title is Nets objective. Do you players belive that you can win the title? Who do you see as the biggest rivals in the East and the West in a possible grand final?

- The goal this season is to win the title and we strive to do it. As for competitors, the upcoming season could be very close. Miami, San Antonio, Detroit, Indiana ... are extremely strong teams. They all improve with good players so it will not be easy to win a ring.

How does it feel to share dressing room with the true legends of the NBA, such as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, including Kidd? How much their presence and experience mean to this team, what kind of relationship you have with them?

- They are really great people. We talk a lot and they are very relaxed. They are normal people. Garnet lasts for 20 years, as a boy I watched him in the NBA. Then I dreamed to take a picture with him and I am now playing with him in same team. Now i must fulfilled my dreams to play good in NBA and it can only with their help.

Did you in any moment thought of returning to Europe, trade or something like that because of poor PT in last season? Is there now such thoughts?

- When you do not play, then you think in your head about everything, but the opportunity is always there if you deserve it, and I think that I deserve it and my desire is to succeed in NBA.

What NBA team in your opinion did the best job in preseason, maybe Nets?

- Some teams have brought great young players that were very noticeable in the colleges, while the Nets have decided to boost team with veterans. But we were main focus point in preseason. Everybody are talking about us.It is certain that we've got a lot with coming experienced Garnett, Pearce and Kirilenko. Yes, we did the best job in the preseason, especially due to the fact that Kidd got opportunity to work as coach.