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Teletovic, hoping for better season, tweets out frustration

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview Thursday, Mirza Teletovic avoided answering a question about a return to Europe, saying he still wants --and indeed deserves-- an opportunity to show what he can do in the NBA. But after the Magic game, the 6'9" Bosnian tweeted that he "hates when they lie to me," without any details as to who --or what-- he was referring to.

A reporter for Daily Azaz, a Bosnia newspaper, asked the Nets forward, "Did you at any moment think of returning to Europe, trade or something like that because of poor playing last season? Are there any such thoughts now?

"When you do not play, then you think in your head about everything, but the opportunity is always there if you deserve it, and I think that I deserve it and my desire is to succeed in NBA," said Teletovic

Teletovic has yet to play after a preseason that saw him have ups and downs.

Otherwise, Teletovic was upbeat about the Nets, particularly with the additions of future Hall of Famers Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. He offered a particularly poignant note about Garnett.

"They are really great people. We talk a lot and they are very relaxed. They are normal people. Garnet lasts for 20 years," said Teletovic. "As a boy I watched him in the NBA. Then I dreamed to take a picture with him and I am now playing with him in same team. Now I must fulfill my dreams to play well in the NBA and it can only happen with their help."

Teletovic was inserted late in the Magic game Sunday, played seven minutes and shot a disappointing 1-of-6, including two airballs. From the locker room, Teletovic tweeted out a simple message in Bosnian.

The tweet was translated as "I hate liars" or "I hate when they lie to me." Teletovic was upset last season when he was inserted into games late and expected to perform.

On Tuesday, the Nets declined to make Teletovic available to the media.