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Mason Plumlee seeks autographs, finds laughs

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Plumlee is from Warsaw, Indiana (population 13,000 ... although it is the county seat of Kosciusko County) but has a love affair with New York that becomes more evident with each passing day.

Teaming with Sports Illustrated and armed with a hidden camera, he reverses the autograph process. After being asked for autographs all his life, Plumlee planted himself at Union Square at 14th Street and asked average New Yorkers for their autographs. Predictably, the city folk looked at him like he was some strange freak of nature, a blonde-haired giant with pen, autograph book and a very odd request.

Only one fan recognized the ruse and asked Plumlee where he's playing now, which elicited the most hysterical exchange of the day.

Plumlee: "Thanks, man."

Fan: "No problem. Hey, what team you on now?"

Plumlee: "I'm with the Nets."

Fan: "Oh yeah, you're with the Nets. You got drafted by them, right?"

Plumlee: "Who you working with?"

Fan: (Laughs) "I'm working with Cooper Square Realty Property Management."

Plumlee: "That's sick!"

Plumlee said before the draft he was hoping to get drafted by a team in a big city.  We understand why.  He needs the big stage.