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Magic Johnson: Nets "could possibly" win the NBA title

Stephen Dunn

Magic Johnson has a mixed record as a savant.  Last year, he first predicted the Lakers would get out to a fast start and take the West (wrong), then said Mike Brown would be fired (correct).  He also famously said Jeremy Lin "plays like Steve Nash and John Stockton" (uh no).

So how to take his latest prediction? After watching the Nets beat the Heat on Friday night (spending a lot of time with Mayor Bloomberg), Magic tweeted this out on Saturday night.

Of course, he gave himself an out, as great prognosticators always do, saying the Nets "probably" have the most talent and "could possibly" --which is redundant-- win the NBA championship.  But Magic does know his hoops and it's the latest example of how the Nets are getting more attention from the doubters.