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Brooklyn Nets targeting Latinos ... in Brooklyn and beyond

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

When the Nets hired Elisa Padilla as their vice-president of marketing last year, one of her top priorities was tapping the Hispanic market ... and not just in Brooklyn. Since then, the Nets have set up Spanish language radio broadcasts through Univision Radio and announced plans for a Spanish language website and social media content.

Padilla, interviewed by NBC Latino, said the organization wants to expand Spanish language offerings beyond that. The Nets have also appeared on floats in the Puerto Rican and Dominican Republican parades, NBC notes. "It’s important [for a] culture where everybody goes to celebrate their heritage" says Padilla.

Padilla explained that its content can’t simply just be a translation from English. "[Our goal is] how do we engage our broadcasters to do a preview and a recap of our games in Spanish?"

A key player in the Nets plans is Cuban-American Brook Lopez, who admittedly speaks no Spanish. Lopez provides the opportunity for Padilla and her team to tap into the bi-cultural audience, which tends to be younger and may speak Spanish at home but consumes content in English.