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Crafty Coach Kidd and the Case of the Crashing Coke

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Time was running out and the Nets needed a break, needed to draw up a last second play. But they had no timeouts.

Sooo, Coach Kidd designed a plan ... or at least it appears he did. He ain't saying.

The Lakers' Jodie Meeks was getting ready to take the second of two free throws. With no timeouts left, Kidd began talking with Tyshawn Taylor while holding a plastic cup of Coca-Cola --the official pour of Barclays Center we might note-- with ice in his right hand.

A gif posted by The Brooklyn Game sure looks like Kidd told Taylor to "hit me" and on cue, Taylor put his shoulder into Kidd, causing him to double over, spilling his drink --and ice-- all over the Barclays Center court. Damn!  The refs had to call an official timeout to have the arena staff clean up the ugly mess. In addition to getting a needed time out, the spill could have "iced" Meeks, literally.

It didn't work and both Kidd and Taylor denied it was intentional. They are in the minority.