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Jason Kidd and the Tyshawn Taylor "Hit Me" incident

BROOKLYN - Toward the end of the Nets 99-94 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Nets were down by one point with just over eight seconds to go. They had no timeouts left. So, what happened next? A delay of game because coach Jason Kidd had spilled a cup of "diet soda" with ice in it on the court.

This caused a stoppage in play, allowing for Kidd to huddle up with his players as they dried up the court. This also allowed for the team to "ice" Jodie Meeks, who had hit his first free-throw.

Devin Kharpertian asked Kidd after the game about the incident, and Kidd said the "cup slipped out of my hand as I was getting (Tyshawn) substituted." He went on, "Sweaty palms, I was never good with the ball."

Mike King, however, had video that showed another story:

Tyshawn was asked after the game and he said he wasn't paying attention when he bumped into Kidd, saying it was an "accident."

"I was coming out and he was in my way," Taylor said, adding, "I was like, 'Coach, get outta my way, bro!'"

Adding to the craziness (if such was possible), two Lakers infiltrated the Nets' huddle during the official timeout, watching as John Welch, the assistant coach, drew up a play! @MikeKing00, the same NetsDaily poster who first noticed the "hit me" sequence, picked up and tweeted out that one too! He will now be know as Eagle Eye Mike.