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Teletovic, off his best game of the year, still not sure he has a place on Nets

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mirza Teletovic scored nine points in 15 minutes vs. the Pistons, hitting three signature bombs, but in an interview with Devin Kharpertian Monday, he said he still isn't sure he has a role on the team.

"I don’t know," he told Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game. "I just hope for the best, man. Just when I get in, I kind of have a role, it’s to space the floor, but it’s tough, you know? Right now, for the time that I’ve played, it just takes time to develop your role and to know what you need to do."

For Teletovic, Detroit was his second straight game with decent minutes but his minutes in Minnesota were in garbage time and the four three's he made (on seven shots) in those two games were his first of the season.  The Bosnian bomber said things have gotten easier his second year --particularly off-court, but once again suggested that his productivity would be better if he didn't have to sit as long. His biggest frustration, he added, was not being able to help the team.

"Because we need it right there, right there in the moment," said Teletovic of his chances. "You have to come out, let’s say, the third, fourth quarter and you’ve been sitting already for hours, and you have to get in the game and right away react. Sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes you feel good and you make shots and you change the whole game."