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How bad the Power Rankings? 12-70 Bad!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

How bad are things? Oh they're bad. Just look at the power rankings. All but one of the rankers have the Nets between No.. 27 and 29, with one holdout, Jimmy Spencer of FOX Sports putting them at No. 21 (Bless you, Jimmy.)  The last time the Nets were ranked this low? Best we can tell it was final power rankings of 2009-10 when a late rush got them out of range of the all-time low in wins. Power rankers had them at No. 28 and 29 that week.

Read 'em and weep...

John Schuhmann, (27)

Though their problems extend well beyond his absence, the Nets desperately need Brook Lopez back, and for his defense more than anything. They've allowed over 113 points per 100 possessions in the five games he's missed and have allowed just 98.7 in his 244 minutes on the floor. After going 0-for-5 against Detroit on Sunday, Kevin Garnett is now shooting 10-for-44 in the second half of games.

Mark Stein, ESPN (28)

Not trying to diminish how dire the start has been, because it ranks as the biggest downer in the league this side of the latest D-Rose knee tragedy, but I will continue to say that all the issues we've seen so far pale in comparison to the fact D-Will is still ailing. Until they get him right ...

Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports (28)

Brooklyn Nets (3-10; last week's ranking: 26): The injury-plagued Nets, owners of the NBA's highest payroll, have dropped five straight games. The Nets host the Knicks next week.

Jason Patt, SB Nation (28)

Where to begin here. The more this season drags on, the more it looks like the Nets might just be bad. The injuries have piled up, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett look washed up, and first-year Jason Kidd is lost on the sidelines. Even worse, there are reports that Kidd "doesn't do anything" and that there's friction with assistant Lawrence Frank. Fun times in Brooklyn at the moment.

Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated (27)

Brooklyn Nets (3-10). Who knew the Battle for New York was a race for No. 27 in these rankings? Brooklyn is bloodied, battered and bruised, losing eight of nine and boasting an injury report that looks more like a starting lineup.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports (29)

Hello, Boo-klyn. (This team is so bad, they're somehow worse than that joke. You can set the bar as low as you want and the Nets will get under it.)

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports (27)

Nets (3-10, LW 20). The Nets actually play their opponents almost even in the first half (-0.4 per game) but get thumped by -5.2 in the third quarter. It’s been an issue all season.

Jimmy Spencer, FOX Sports (21)

Opposing coaches are feasting on Jason Kidd. Ask any NBA coach how skilled he was in his rookie season, even after being an assistant, and he'll tell you about the learning curve. Kidd must be overwhelmed managing a roster built to win now.