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Gerald Wallace says he's not surprised at Nets early woes, predicts better times ahead

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Gerald Wallace says he's not surprised the Nets have started out so slowly, that a combination of new players, a lack of chemistry and injuries have created an impossible situation.

"I kind of figured this might happen a little bit, especially at the start, with Deron (Williams) missing all of the training camp and preseason," the former Net told Steve Bulpett. "I think it’s just awkward that everybody just expected them to come out of the gates on fire. Playing on a team, you’ve got to have chemistry. You know, guys have got to know how to play together."

Wallace said after watching his former team, he found their play "confused."

"I think it’s like they’re more confused, and their energy and fight don’t come out all the time," Wallace said. "The game I really got a chance to see them, they came out with a swag, as to where they felt like they were just going to win the game by coming out on the court. Then they’d show up in the fourth quarter and try to win the game.

"Regardless of who you are or what talent you have on your team, you just can’t do that in this league."

Wallace does think it will all work out, but notes this is what ownership wanted: "a championship like right now."

"Regardless of how much talent you may have at all five positions, you have to come to work," said Wallace. "So it’s going to take them time. I see them turning it around, especially once everybody gets healthy."

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