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Reggie Evans' Day Off ... in Pensacola

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When the Nets charter landed at 4:30 a.m. Saturday after another sad flight, this one from Minnesota, most of the players headed to home and bed.  Not Reggie Evans.  He boarded the first of two flights to Pensacola, his hometown, for the first Reggie Evans Foundation Turkey Giveaway. Time elapse from when he walked on the court at Target Center till the time he walked on the court at Pensacola's Woodland Heights Community Center: 15 hours. Not bad.

"I just want to be hands on. I want everybody to see me and have these little kids see me, right by my old neighborhood," Evans told Bill Villona of the Pensacola New Journal in explaining why he felt he had to be there in person.

Pensacola mayor Ashton Hayward stopped by to lend support. Next year, Evans promises he’ll make this event much bigger. Trust his word. He gives back the same way he takes rebounds as one of the NBA’s best in that role.

"A lot of those people here ... my mom was in their position. My grandmother was in their position," Evans said. "They are trying to make ends meet, trying to put a dollar together."