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Trying to find a solution in personnel or stats

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Aschburner and John Schuhmann of's Hang Time blog have offered their opinions on the Nets plight.

Aschburner writes of how it would be so much easier for the Nets if they played somewhere else, "where they could dig out, one quarter at a time.

"But in that town? With this roster and payroll? With hopes so high and games coming as quickly as they are now?

"Whoa. Just whoa."

So Aschburner who covered the Timberwolves in Kevin Garnett's glory days, offers this quote from KG as one way of viewing the way out, start thinking about moves..

"This is what it is. We created this monster and we have to deal with it. You have the business of basketball come into play, I’m sure. And management’s probably going to do what it’s got to do, and that’s out of our hands."

Before the Minnesota game, Schuhmann, a Jersey guy, offered his take on what's wrong. It starts after halftime ends.

"The Nets have had the lead at the half of five of their 11 games, been tied in one, and been within four points of four of the other five. Yes, given their talent, they should have had leads against teams like the Cavs, Magic, Kings and Bobcats. But the average halftime score of their games is Nets 50, Opponent 49. That’s workable.

The biggest issue is that the Nets have been the worst second-half team in the league thus far, getting outscored by almost 11 points per 100 possessions over the third and fourth quarters. And the problems have come on both ends of the floor."

It goes downhill from there, particularly on KG's stats.