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Returning home, what to expect from the Nets

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot of fans werre expecting the Nets to beat Minnesota on Friday night, but few if any expected them to lose by 30 points. They did. Now, at home vs Detroit, how much can we expect?

Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry won't play in the matinee at Barclays Center.

"No. Definitely not tomorrow," Williams told Mike Mazzeo. He was feeding Thanksgiving dinner to families in Brooklyn at an event sponsored by his Point of Hope foundation. Williams is unsure when he'll return to the lineup, he told Mazzeo. The three-time All-Star has missed three of Brooklyn's last four games because of the injury.

No word yet on the other starter with ankle woes: Brook Lopez.

The season so far

What's the story for these two? Let's take a look:





3-9 4-8


96.0 95.8

Offensive Efficiency

98.4 100.8

Defensive Efficiency

104.6 104.3

Offensive Rebounding percentage

24.6 30.3

Turnover rate

14.4 14.3

Assist rate

14.9 15.2

Rebound rate

48.9 50.4

Free throw rate

34.3 29.7

Effective Field Goal percentage

46.8 48.1

Opponent Effective Field Goal percentage

45.3 48.1

It's hard to be optimistic at this point, particularly with the Nets going against another young, athletic club, particularly with Lopez not playing against the Pistons' Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. The day after the Nets got scrambled by the Timberwolves, Minnesota looked positively human vs. the Rockets. They did not look human vs the Nets.

As Rod Boone pointed out Saturday...

"Through 12 games, the Nets have been an utter disappointment. They have zero cohesiveness. No offensive rhythm. A Swiss cheese defense. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce haven't displayed that championship pedigree.

"All in all, they're a mess and it's embarrassing for a veteran-laden unit that's supposed to be prideful. There are no moral wins for a team with a $102-million payroll."

Now they're faced with Detroit, which has its own problems, starting 4-8, much worse than their fans and front office expected. Then, there's their big off-season addition,Josh Smith, who missed a team practice to tend to his ailing father. Smith didn't tell anyone, however, and he had to apologize for his absence.He was removed from the starting lineup in Friday’s loss to Atlanta, the team's second loss to the Hawks in a week. Still, the Nets look like easy pickin's to teams, worries Andray Blatche.

"A lot of teams, they know that we are down, so they are trying to jump on us early. So we've got to figure it out as a team," said Blatche, who's played well lately "We can't say, 'It's the coaches.' We can't say it's none of that. We've got to figure it out on our own."

They are playing at home, however.

Player to Watch: Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond is still only 20 years old, but the 6'10", 270 pound center is making his mark on the NBA. He is one of three players in the NBA to average 12 and 12 this season. The others are Dwight Howard and Kevin Love, both five years older.

Drummond is on a streak of seven straight double-doubles and Friday's vs. the Hawk was one of the best.  He shot 6-of-7 and had 16 rebounds to go with his 15 points. He even hit 3-of-8 from the line, up from his 24 percent (!) free throw shooting.  He is playing big minutes and providing excellent field goal percentage (66.4), points (12.3), and rebounds (12.3).

From the Vault

It was last year around this time that the Nets, in the midst of a tough period, hosted the Pistons at Barclays Center.  With four seconds left, Joe Johnson got the ball and showed what he could do with little to no time left.

Beyond the clutch shot, the end of the game featured two other moments: the look on Lawrence Frank's face after the ball went through the hoop and Ian Eagle's call: "Four seconds left. Double overtime. Nets looking for the win. Johnson the step back. HE BURIES IT! That was real & that was spectacular!"  Jerry Seinfeld was in Jay-Z's seats


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