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Adrian Wojnarowski looks at Jason Kidd and finds "the Kidd is alright"


Adrian Wojnarowski takes a close look at Jason Kidd, whose coaching style --and substance-- has taken a lot of hits in the nine games he's run the Nets.  Unlike David Thorpe who called Kidd "the worst coach in the NBA" and an anonymous scout who told Howard Beck "he doesn't do anything," Woj paints a fairly optimistic portrait of the Hall of Famer turned mentor.

"Jason Kidd is lost, but he isn't a lost cause," notes the Yahoo writer in the takeaway quote.

Woj writes there are a number of ways out of his current "fog."

-- forget what others are saying and rely more than ever on his assistants, noting "No one cared that Larry Bird turned everything over to Dick Harter and Rick Carlisle as Indiana's coach, and no one will care how the responsibilities are divided with the Nets. (Meanwhile, Frank Isola in the Daily News reports, "there is some friction" between Kidd and Lawrence Frank, quoting a "person who knows both.")

-- rely heavily on Kevin Garnett, despite doubts about what he has left. "What never leaves Garnett is the loyalty, the duty and a voice that'll hold that room together for Kidd," Woj writes.

-- wait for his team to get healthy. "Players have been coming and going so often, there's been little chance to develop cohesion and trust. People can kill Kidd for running so much isolation, so few plays, but that's been far more a product of the roster's void of cohesion than the coach's incompetence."

Bottom line: it can be "overwhelming" as Kidd told Woj a few months back, but he still has the instincts, the experience to get the job done ... and there is NO chance Mikhail Prokhorov, Dmitry Razumov and Billy King are giving up this easily.