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Did Kemba Walker "Jalen Rose" Deron Wiliams?

Streeter Lecka

Jalen Rose hints in a tweet Thursday that Kemba Walker deliberately tried to hurt Deron Williams by stepping on his foot after D-Will followed tough on a shot.

As Grantland noted last March, Rose would know because he did it to Kobe in the 2000 NBA Finals. It's something Kobe certainly remembers. Here's how he described an incident with Dahnay Jones last season: "he Jalen Rosed me."  (In an interview with David Jacoby on the Grantland Channel, Rose admitted he "can't say that it was an accident.")

Here's how "Coach Joe," a NetsDaily poster described what he saw: "After contesting the shot, Kemba does land on his right foot, and without his left foot even landing yet he hops a few feet forward, sticking that foot in to Deron’s landing space, before swinging his momentum towards the basket while looking at the shot go up. That does seem like an odd way to land."