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Bondy: Andrei Kirilenko received injection to treat back spasms

Al Bello

Yesterday we learned that Andrei Kirilenko's back spasms were lingering longer than they ever have before in the past, causing plenty of pessimism seemingly inside and definitely outside the organization. Today, however, the news seems to be getting worse. Or so it would seem.

Stefan Bondy of The Daily News is reporting that Kirilenko had received an injection in his back over a week ago which ultimately is what is delaying his return to the lineup.

He writes:

The Nets never revealed the injection, but a team source confirmed Kirilenko had an epidural.

"It usually takes 10 days to 2 weeks (for recovery following the injection," Kirilenko said before he was on the inactive list before Wednesday’s game against the Bobcats. "Right now it’s probably at eight or nine days. Otherwise, I’m good. I usually never have that long period of this injury sustained for that long, for about a month. …The last three or four days there were no feelings of pain. It’s just the medicine they injected you have to for."

This certainly makes it seem as if the back spasms are a bigger issue than initially thought, especially after Kirilenko had the injection a week ago and then Devin Kharpertian reported that AK-47 himself is concerned how the pain continues to linger.

Kirilenko has missed seven games this season and there has yet to be any update as to whether or not he'll play in Minnesota on Friday night.